It's no secret that the idea of ascent is a difficult one. Whether it's climbing a mountain or embarking on a camping adventure, there are always obstacles along the way to the summit. But if we take the time and make the effort, what awaits us at the peak can be truly remarkable. When it comes to camp experiences, we believe that those who bravely make the ascent will find two special things waiting for them.

First, they'll discover something special in connecting with other high school students - gathering together and experiencing fellowship in ways they never have before. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, they'll encounter an intimate connection with Jesus that transforms their lives forever, far more valuable than any view or treasure awaiting at the top of a mountain.

We believe that campers who push through every obstacle and ascend to greater heights will find themselves entering into a blessed place of peace and rest found only in Christ. Here is their chance to join a collective worshiping community not just of other believers but together with our Creator himself, stepping into deeper places of God’s purposes and callings for their lives. We hope everyone reaches this pinnacle experience in order to understand what makes all the struggles worthwhile.


June 8-12, 2024


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This Year's Theme


Feel the beat, and find your rhythm at ASCENT! This year's theme is "Rhythm," and it's all about navigating those moments when life feels off-beat, out of sync, and you're caught in an unfamiliar tempo.

In a world that dances to an erratic rhythm, with no clear path to follow, it's easy to lose your footing. We often find ourselves either restless or overwhelmed. We hustle and bustle, filling our calendars to the brim, yet still feeling a void within. We drown ourselves in distractions and noise, searching for a melody that resonates with us.

This summer, we invite you to break free from the world's dissonant symphony and tune into a different rhythm—the Rhythm of the Lord. Join us as we explore the divine song that resonates with love, peace, and purpose. Let's synchronize our lives to the steady beat of Jesus' heart and harmonize with the soulful tune He has composed for each one of us. Let's discover the joyous rhythm of faith, hope, and love.


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ASCENT Camp is a yearly gathering spanning five days, specifically curated for high school students. Open to all churches and denominations, this camp provides a plethora of engaging activities, numerous worship sessions, and interactive tracks. Each day features a main session where students can immerse themselves in worship, teachings, and a variety of other enriching experiences.

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