COVID has changed the world dramatically and it feels like a new change happens every week. With these new changes we have created a separate page sharing all of our COVID policies and recommendations.  CLICK HERE.  

Yes. Changes can be made, but fees will apply to registrations and/or cancelations after April 30, 2021. Any cancelations or changes BEFORE April 30, 2021, are free. However, after April 30, 2021, will result in a $10-$50 adjustment fee and any registration changes/cancels depending on the changes.  (each situation is different and will be asset on a case by case basis)


If you have a person who cancels for whatever reason, the best scenario is for you to replace that person with another person of the same gender. In this scenario, the adjustment fees may be waived. If that cannot happen, we ask you to contact us ASAP to make sure room arrangements are taken care of.  Contact us by: info@usmbyouth.com.

Cancelations prior to April 30, are eligible for a full refund. Cancelations between May 1 and May 31, are eligible for a refund of up to $300/camper and $125/adult leader. Cancelations made June 1-15, are eligible for a refund of up to $175/camper and $87.50 for an adult leader. Refund requests must be submitted in writing through email. Telephone or word of mouth WILL NOT be honored. Send your request to info@usmbyouth.com. There will be no refunds once the group arrives at Ascent to check-in or register.

Room arrangements cannot be guaranteed after the June 1, 2021, late registration deadline. Space is limited. Attendees registering after the June 1, 2021 may not be accepted. Late applications will be considered but are up to the discretion of the Ascent planning team.

Yes,  It is included in your cost.  Lunch, however, is on your own.  Breakfast on the last morning is also provided.

Here is a link to our policies page CLICK HERE.


Yes, they have a free wifi available inside or close to most of the buildings.  However, out in the woods, there is none... surprise, surprise...

Most housing situations will consist of 4-6 people in the same room (with bunk beds).  We will coordinate with the Lead Youth Worker to make sure there are enough people in each room.  If a group wants a room (an adult sponsor brings their family or other situations) we will work with that group for a separate price.  For more detailed answers email us at info@usmbyouth.com

Sorry no, you will have to bring your own bedding, pillow, and towels.  If you are flying we recommend shipping bedding to the camp a week before OR purchase sheets/pillows at a store in Santa Fe OR have a couple drive your luggage to you and provide them with a few vacation days at the camp (all non-participating support staff like drivers will be $280 for food and lodging for the week).

Yes!  We have rooms available for all bus drivers or support staff.  It will be $280 for everything which includes lodging and food at the camp for all 4 nights. Drivers will need to register for camp with your group through the registration process. You will need to let our registration coordinator know if you need a room or your driver will get placed in a room with campers. They will need to bring their own bedding, however. 


ASCENT does not provide or coordinate transportation to and from the airport.  Your group will have to do your own research in that area.

Since the camp does not provide any bedding we have some ideas: One, get 1-2 big suitcases and put all bedding into that which saves money.  2. Ship your bedding to the camp the week beforehand.   3. Have a friend or even retired couple drive all your luggage and bedding out there and back.  They get to stay for a relaxing vacation during the trip and it might save you hassle with checking luggage.  4. Purchase items at a local store (Santa Fe is 20 mins away) however there might be limited items available if hundreds of students use this option. 

No matter what time you get there we will have our registration crew waiting to greet you!  There is the main entrance where you will end then take the first right.  A little down the way you will see the big main building with a cross on top.  You will park in the back parking lot and that is used only for travel vehicles and buses. 

ASCENT is all-inclusive!  Which means everything you need or really want is on site.  No need to "drive to town" or pick up something since everything you need will be onsite.  So once you arrive you won't need to worry about your bus or vehicle until you leave!  The only exception to this is for whitewater rafting. We are looking into transportation options to get campers/leaders to and from the rafting site. If you have an available bus or vehicles we could use, please let us know.



Payment is easy. One church means one payment. Basically, each person (adult or student) pays directly to their church (that is why everyone has to register through a church).Then our registration coordinator will be in contact with the Lead Youth Worker from each church the first week of May. They will confirm your numbers, make any changes, answer questions, share housing needs, confirm all people over 18 who need to take the abuse awareness test (see below), and then give you an invoice. Your church will then need to pay by check (make each check out to "USMB" with ASCENT in the memo). There may be changes in your registration that occur after you pay that invoice. If so, any adjusted payments will need to be paid by check and postmarked by June 30, 2021. Be sure to connect with our registration coordinator if you have further questions. Please note your payment will include any white water rafting fees as well.

ANY CHURCH who has a youth worker join part of our National Youth Worker Network before our April 30, 2021 deadline receives one free adult youth leader ticket to ASCENT each year as long as they continue to have an active member of The Network. We will simply show the discount of the $175 adult leader early bird price on your church's final invoice. Each church is responsible for how that discount gets distributed within their own group. 

CLICK HERE to sign up for your church's one free ticket.

Yes! There is a chance for your group to go 1-2 days early (if your travel plans force you to). It will be $30 per person per day. The only downside is there will be no meals provided until the convention starts.  There is however many restaurants within driving distance and you can purchase food at a local grocery store as well.  Contact us at info@usmbyouth.com if you would like to register early. 

White water rafting is an additional cost of $65 per rafter. Students and adult leaders must register for rafting during the on-line registration process and pay their church along with their registration fee if they want to raft.


Registration covers the cost of lodging, food, and activities. The only additional thing you would need to bring extra money for is the coffee houses and souvenir shops that Glorieta provides.  Everything else at Ascent is provided for.

After a person registers, if they are 18 or older, they will receive an email with instructions and a link to the online course. It’s free to you. Each person will click the link in the email and complete a short quiz after watching several short videos (the entire process takes about 45 minutes).


If a camper receives this email they should notify their Lead Youth Worker, who will then contact the Ascent registration coordinator or planning team. Campers are not required to complete the training, but may still receive the email due to an auto-response generated based on birthdate.

Certain districts or churches already require this, or a similar, online training. If your church will vouch for all of your adult leaders, your Lead Youth Worker can sign an affidavit while setting up your group account during the registration set up process. This affidavit is an all or nothing kind of thing. You must sign that ALL of your leaders have, within one year prior to the end of Ascent, had a background check and have taken an abuse awareness training course. Without that affidavit, the background check and training course will be part of the requirements of each of your leaders.