The majority of the housing at Glorieta is bunk and dorm style lodging with 4 people per room, When registering, students will select a roommate of their choice. Once registration is complete, each Lead Youth Worker will receive a list of each roommate pairing and will then coordinate with the convention registration staff for room placement of students and leaders. We understand that roommate choice and combinations are very important and will strive to do everything reasonably possible to create a positive experience for each student in your group. Youth leaders are expected to room with the students under their leadership. Exceptions will be made only in cases with extenuating circumstances.


Glorieta has a large, high-quality food service group that will be serving delicious, family style, home cooked meals for our entire group over the duration of our convention. The Dining Hall is settled into the pine trees in the center of the camp property and is able to seat and serve our entire group. All meals are included in the registration fee and special dietary issues can be noted at registration and will be accommodated during the convention.