(Here is part three of our list of tips for short-term mission trips.  CLICK HERE for part one and CLICK HERE for part two) The initial set of tips I’ve shared focuses on pre-trip preparations and ensuring your team is ready and able to reach your destination. Now, I’d like to pivot to advice for

(This is part 2 of a series about mission trips; if you are looking for tips before the trip, CLICK HERE) Embarking on short-term mission trips can be a transformative experience for the communities you aim to serve and for your own spiritual and personal growth. These journeys, often filled with moments of challenge, learning,

If you have ever spent some time on a farm in the Midwest you probably have heard of the phrase “crop rotation”.  It is a concept farmers have learned many many years ago.  Crop rotation is an agricultural practice where different types of crops are grown sequentially on the same plot of land across several