10 Ways Youth Ministries Can Utilize A.I. Tools

ChatGPT, Jasper, and other artificial intelligence are changing the world we live in and impacting the Church more than we know.  It’s taking over the education system (whether they like it or not), social media, and now creative circles like music or literature.  With youth ministries, we tend to be at the forefront of culture when it comes to the Church so this post is all about how youth ministries can best utilize using A.I.

AI: AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to the creation of computer systems that can perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence to accomplish, such as learning, decision-making, problem-solving, and natural language processing. AI systems use algorithms and complex mathematical models to analyze large amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make predictions or recommendations based on their findings. 

So this blog post isn’t about the morality of using A.I. that is a different discussion.  So here are some helpful hints:

Know Your Options

OpenAI developed the algorithm that programs like ChatGPT but there are actually many out there.  Some are free, some cost, and the extra fees that come with some usually provide better content or more features.  If you are just starting out a free version is more than fine.  Here are some options that are out there anything from writing to even the ability to generate artwork.
AI Chat and Search:

  • ChatGPT: Conversational AI trained on a large set of text from 2021 and earlier. Free, but costs $20 per month to speed up responses and use during peak demand.
  • BingChat: ChatGPT-based conversations and search results inside Bing. Limited beta requires joining a waitlist.
  • Jasper: Best AI chatbot for businesses and marketers. Offers 50 writing templates.  Sign-in required monthly cost.
  • YouChat: Ask questions and follow-ups, and engage in ChatGPT-style conversations. Free; sign-in required.

AI Artwork Generators:

  • Stable Diffusion Online: Free Stable Diffusion artwork generator; no login required.
  • DiffusionBee: Stable Diffusion artwork generator for MacOS, works offline with no usage limits.
  • Craiyon: Online artwork generator that uses the Dall-E Mini model. Removing watermarks requires a $5-per-month subscription.
  • Dall-E: Create up to 15 free images per month with OpenAI’s image-generation tool.

AI Speech-to-text Transcriptions:

  • Whisper: Online transcription of audio files using language models from OpenAI. Free.
  • Buzz: Offline version of Whisper for Windows, free unlimited use.
  • MacWhisper: Offline version of Whisper for Mac. Pay what you want, or $14 for larger language models and translation.

There are even visual and audio tools if you search for them.

Treat AI Tools as a Starting Point

While AI tools like ChatGPT have numerous uses and benefits it should never replace human-to-human engagement.  It also needs to be understood that this system still has a lot to learn, so it won’t be perfect or actuate all the time.  Also, Google and other search engines maybe be able to tell the difference between human-generated and AI-generated content, which could harm your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts if you don’t edit your content.  Feel free to experiment, do more research, and don’t forget to edit everything!

1. Book Summaries

Most people don’t realize if you are short on time and have a long list of books in your “to-read” pile you can use AI Tools to ask for it to read a book and then give you a 3-5 paragraph summary of the main points.  (for any book written before 2021 and online).

2. Understand Your Demographics

Want to know more about Gen Z, middle schoolers, certain areas of your city/zip code, or anything else just ask the AI tool what you want to know.  It’s a wealth of knowledge if you ask the right questions.

3. Sermon Preparation

Sermon preparation is time-consuming and challenging.  Use it not necessarily to write your sermon but to help you generate new ideas, summarize your thoughts, give you more resources, and more.

4. Generate Marketing Content

Looking to fundraise, raise awareness, or grow your ministry then use ChatGPT to write long-form content or even digital ads for your social media.  All you need to do is provide the topic, platform, and any other additional details and ChaptGPT will do the rest.

5. Develop Your Mission and Value Statements

Whether you are just getting started or want to refine what you already ChatGPT can help with that.  ChatGPT can edit, rephrase, or even write them from scratch.  Having a solid mission, vision, or value statement is critical for any church or ministry.

6. Find Games and Other Programming Ideas

Feeling stuck on what to program week in and week out.  Use an AI tool to find games for 20 teenagers, creative ways to give announcements, and even sermon series ideas or topics.  This can be a great starting point for brainstorming to add more creative elements to your weekly program.

7. Writing Bible Study Materials or Devotionals

Write discussion questions, devotionals, or other ways to engage your group between your weekly meetings.

8. Create Social Media Posts

Tired of the same old promo posts?  Ask an AI tool to create memes, improve your promotion, and provide discipleship content all through social media campaigns.

9. Use It as a Game

Looking for a wild game idea?  Then use a graphic generator AI tool and put it on your main screen.  Then have the group yell out 2-3 random things and add them to the prompt.  Then use the same prompts again and have the crowd vote on which is the best or more accurate one.

10. Generate Responses for Everyday Tasks

Use AI tools to generate responses to common questions (such as prayer requests), and info. about upcoming events, or inquiries about ministry areas.

Remember AI tools will never replace human-to-human interaction in ministry but it can help to improve your effectiveness and increase the possibility of a bigger impact.

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