New Location for ASCENT 2024

Every summer, the USMB NextGen community embarks on a transformative journey. Our annual high school summer camp, ASCENT, is a spiritual mountaintop experience for churches from all over the US.  ASCENT has gone through quite a bit of changes over the years including adjusting to a worldwide pandemic and has continued to thrive.  In fact, ASCENT has been blessed with incredible experiences at Camp Glorieta in New Mexico over the years. However, change, as they say, is the only constant.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that ASCENT will be setting up camp at a new location for next year’s summer retreat – Camp W.O.W. in Oklahoma!

Discovering Camp W.O.W.

After much prayerful consideration and thorough research, we selected Camp W.O.W. as our new home for ASCENT. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Gerty hills, Camp W.O.W. offers an idyllic setting for our students to connect with one another, and most importantly, with God.

Camp W.O.W. is renowned for its exceptional facilities, including comfortable lodging that includes over 700 beds.  One of the reasons why we changed locations is the bed and meeting space at Glorieta was getting tighter and tighter.  There are also versatile meeting spaces with a large main meeting space, a party barn, and a hang-out area full of a snack shack full of delicious goodies.  And one of the best parts of all of this is ALL BUILDINGS HAVE AIR CONDITIONING!

Camp W.O.W. also has many recreational amenities. From high-energy outdoor activities like ziplining, water tubing, and rock climbing to reflective indoor spaces for worship, prayer rooms, and study Camp W.O.W. provides an all-encompassing environment conducive to spiritual growth and community building.

What This Means for ASCENT 2024

The move to Camp W.O.W. signifies a new chapter for ASCENT. While we cherish the memories we’ve created at Camp Glorieta, we are also excited about the fresh opportunities that Camp W.O.W. presents. We believe that the change of scenery will breathe new life into our summer camp experience, allowing us to introduce innovative programming and activities tailored to the unique features of our new location. We are looking forward to exploring the rolling hills, tranquil lakes, and starlit skies of Oklahoma together.

Another benefit of this new location is they charge a little bit less and we can pass some savings on to you!   That’s right, both registration prices for students and adult leaders will be lowered for ASCENT 2024.  More information on that will be coming over the next few months.  More information on that will be coming over the next few months.

Looking Ahead

While the venue may have changed, our mission remains the same. ASCENT is dedicated to providing a mountain-top experience with fun and enriching environments where high school students can deepen their faith, foster meaningful relationships, and create lifelong memories.

We are confident that Camp W.O.W. will be a fantastic setting for our ASCENT campers to grow in their spiritual journeys. We can’t wait to see the incredible things God has in store for us in this new location.

Stay tuned for more details about next year’s ASCENT at Camp W.O.W. We’ll be sharing information about registration, programming, special guests, and what to expect from our new home in Oklahoma in the coming months.

Save The Date for June 8 – 12, 2024

Camp W.O.W. | Oklahoma

We look forward to seeing you at ASCENT 2024!

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