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Ever been asked, “why do we have so many different denominations?”  I can’t count how many times I have been asked that question.  So I took a whole summer to read, watch, and study the history of church denominations.  I didn’t want just a history lesson but wanted to really answer that complicated question.  So I developed a series called Visual Theology where I shared complex Christian concepts in a visual way full of graphs and charts.  I really nerded out with this for sure, but it was all one of the most well-received series I’ve done in a long time.

Feel free to use this download to share.  It’s divided into two parts.   The first part shares the history, or timeline, of the church denominations.  There is a unique story of each denomination as it gets added to the timeline.  The second, part shares the beliefs and customs of each denomination.  This is a Venn diagram to show the difference between the many denominations.  This is not a complete list as many practices or customs is not listed as there is too many to count.  Also, I always share that even some people in each denomination don’t agree with everything in that denomination so this is not a tool to judge but to understand and listen.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS AS A WEAPON OR A TOOL OF JUDGEMENT.  The purpose is to stay unbiased and just share the facts take from each denomination.  If explain wrong or in a judgmental nature this can be a very hurtful series if you have people from different denominations hearing it. So please use this for good intentions and not biases or prejudices.  Some things even people in the denomination might disagree so this was just my way of explaining why we have so many different denominations to students.  The purpose wasn’t to defend or educate in a scholarly fashion.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at  



This is a PowerPoint you can edit however you want, feel free to open the notes section to see my thoughts for each slide.





Ever wondered what makes Mennonite Brethren unique?  This bonus lesson gives the history of the Mennonite Brethren.

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