Exciting Announcement for Youth Groups and Churches! We are thrilled to announce a special travel subsidy for all youth groups and churches planning to join us for our high school summer camp ASCENT 2024 at Camp WOW in Stuart, OK!  Understanding the challenges that come with distance, we are offering $50 off per student and

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We are continuing our discussion on the intersection between the Church and the world of video games.  To catch up visit Part One (introduction), Part Two (Negative Side), Part Three (Positive Side), Part Four (A New Mindset), and Part Five (Building Trust) to stay up-to-date. Launching a new ministry is hard enough, but we fully admit launching

The 10 Gaming Commandments

We created a video game ministry in our church this year and to help with keeping the kind of culture we want in our gaming center we came up with rules everyone has to obey.  But we didn’t just want harsh cold “pool rules” where no one even looks at them.  We wanted something fun

THEME: RHYTHM Feel the beat, and find your rhythm at ASCENT! This year’s theme is “Rhythm,” and it’s all about navigating those moments when life feels off-beat, out of sync, and you’re caught in an unfamiliar tempo.  In a world that dances to an erratic rhythm, with no clear path to follow, it’s easy to

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