Understanding Mental Health in Adolescents Webinar Recordings

If you work with adolescents (age 10 – 25) then we have something for you.  USMB NextGen offered a two-part webinar about understanding adolescents’ mental health.   Mental health is the top issue that is being discussed in our world today.  The worldwide pandemic has brought mental health even more to the forefront.  Today’s adolescents face a world that is vastly different than the one even 20 years ago.  Depression, anxiety, and even suicide is at an all-time high.  What are youth workers, teachers, and even parents to do?

Just click the links below and it will take you to our Youtube Page.

Part 1: Understanding Mental Health & Wellness in Adolescents 

Part 2: Now what do I do?  Responding Confidently to Them

Serena Hanson is a licensed social worker who earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology & Family Counseling from Barclay College and a master’s degree in Social Work from Newman University.  After serving in child & family services for over 23 years, wherein she offered professional development and skill-building to professionals in a variety of roles, she has transitioned into her new role of Assistant Professor and Director of Social Work at Tabor College.  Serena continues to be passionate about developing others a deeper understanding of mental health and wellness, positive relationship engagement, supporting others, and serving in the community.  Serena enjoys spending time mentoring young people and serving in her church’s youth ministry and women’s ministry.

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