Offering Project for ASCENT

Every year we take an offering as part of our worship experience at camp and this year at ASCENT is no different.  It’s not about the total amount it is about giving an opportunity for students to step up and give and allow them to be part of something bigger than themselves.

(We will be taking an offering during Saturday Night of Worship)

Starting a Youth and Music Ministry Fund In Niger

Niger is a nation full of youth – 75% are under 25 years old. Hosanna Church demographics reflects this with youth from 5 or more different ethnic groups gathering on Sundays to worship God together. The Hosanna choir is the only multi-ethnic choir in the country and together with the band, they have a great platform to promote peace and unity through producing albums and performing concerts.

Project Detail
Hosanna church started a music class in November 2020 that is training 15 young men and children in voice, guitar, piano, and drums, and disciplining them in what it means to worship God. They are taught by a skilled musician and brother in Christ named Serge. With the presence of a TREK team from Multiply in March, April, and May, 6 more Wodaabe young men joined the class and are progressing well under their teaching. Hosanna has the vision to form a youth ministry program that raises up a youth choir and band, uses music to involve Christian youth in discipleship, and draws non-Christians to hear the Word of God through cultural concerts.

The fund will help pay Serge, the music teacher, a small salary to continue music lessons, repair and purchase practice instruments, help the choir/band put on outreach concerts, and produce albums and music videos that promote peace and unity.

Gospel Impact
Activities in the church directed at youth are very important for their discipleship and spiritual growth. It will give them community and a holy purpose, keeping them from the traps of the world. They will be encouraged to use their skills and gifts for the glory of God. Concerts are a very effective evangelization tool here. Nigeriens love music and parties, especially music in their language and cultural style. When non-believers hear their music, they are very open to hear about Jesus and his love. The 6 Wodaabe young men are learning to play instruments with the goal of forming a band and putting on cultural concerts/music festivals in their home villages and sharing the love of God. So many have yet to hear the Gospel in their region.

Music is powerful. It gathers people and can promote war or peace. The choir has a big opportunity to spread peace and unity and offer healing. In a region with so much trauma from violence, they can write and produce music that offers the hope, love, joy and unity of Jesus. They have written songs in local languages that talk about how God wants us to love one another, to be one, to live in peace.

Program Oversight
Rabe Ibrahim, Hosanna Church Choir Director. Danae Schmidt, Multiply/Hosanna Missionary.

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