ASCENT Price Announced

As most of you know, the event of YouthCon is no longer happening in the every-four-years format.  You can read all about it here.  But instead, we are excited to announce something has risen in its place.  A NATIONAL summer camp for high school students that happens every year called ASCENT.  To learn what is ASCENT click here.

This is something that we think has even bigger impactful potential because it’s during the summer months and happening every year, two things YouthCon could never compete with.  So save the date for June 16-20, 2021.  You will be hearing all about ASCENT as we get closer but for now, we are happy to announce the price for ASCENT (spoiler alert: it’s cheaper than YouthCon!)

Students: $350
Adult Leaders: $175
by April 20, 2021

On May 1st it goes up $50 per person ($400/students and $225/leaders)

This will include almost all activities, a t-shirt, food, and pretty much everything but travel costs.  

Special Deal:
If your lead youth worker is a member of our National Youth Worker Network your church gets 1 free ticket to ASCENT!  If you haven’t signed up already click here.




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