Horror Stories In Youth Ministry

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and the characters are put into an awkward situation and it made you even cringe?  Do you remember how awful that felt?  Well sometimes in ministry we can experience the same awkward situations or even worse.  Embrace the Awkward Podcast has a four-part series on “Horror Stories of Youth Ministry” dealing with the topics that youth workers sometimes have experienced and regretted.  Have you ever looked back on a situation or event and it makes you cringe?  Listen to some pretty awkward stories and some advice on what to do afterward.

Part 1: Losing Students From a Break-Up

Part 2: Mess Ups and Mistakes 

Part 3: Creating An Atheist

Part 4: Failed Events



Embrace The Awkward Podcast: 

We have one goal in mind… to help you handle awkward better!  Join youth workers DJ and Kyle each week to discuss the weird and fringe moments of life and ministry.  If you have an awkward topic that you would like to discuss just contact us on Instagram @theetapodcast, join our Facebook Group or email us at theetapodcast@gmail.com



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