The Network Introduction

By: Russ Claassen (Director of The Network)

The Network! Experience a group of like-minded, passionate youth workers from across the U.S. Our goal is to CONNECT, DEVELOP, and RESOURCE youth workers-full-time, part-time & volunteer. We invite you to a community of passionate youth workers who share one another’s burdens and inspire each other to keep going.

CONNECT with other Christian youth workers who are experiencing similar situations and facing the same struggles you are. Whatever you and your ministry look like, we need each other. You have something important to offer, and our hope is that you find something valuable here as well.

Take advantage of tools to help you DEVELOP personally and professionally. From time to time, we all need a boost in our knowledge, clarity in our understanding, or a swift kick in the pants. We can help by providing relevant training and coaching to foster leadership growth and a safe place to further nurture your faith.

Find and share helpful RESOURCES: curriculum for lessons, small group materials, active learning and object lessons, games and other tools to help you in your ministry.

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