7 Hour Travel Subsidy for ASCENT 2024

Exciting Announcement for Youth Groups and Churches!

We are thrilled to announce a special travel subsidy for all youth groups and churches planning to join us for our high school summer camp ASCENT 2024 at Camp WOW in Stuart, OK!  Understanding the challenges that come with distance, we are offering $50 off per student and adult for churches located 7 or more hours away from camp. This is our way of easing your journey and making this memorable experience more accessible to everyone.

Please note, though, that spots are limited! We can only extend this offer to the first 100 applicants and all applicants have to apply by the early bird deadline of April 1st, 2024. Make sure to apply before then to secure your spot and take advantage of this fantastic offer.  We made this decision to help those churches who have a long way to travel due to our location change (which you can read about here). Our goal is to make the ASCENT experience as affordable and enjoyable as possible.

Here is how it will work: Have your people register for ASCENT like normal and before April 1st.  Then if your church is outside the 7-hour window from Camp W.O.W. in Stuart, OK then you (the lead youth worker) email us a request for the subsidy (email us at info@usmbnextgen.com).  We will then confirm your numbers (after April 1st) and then eliminate $50 off per person from your overall total after registration is over.  It’s up to you if you pass the subsidy to the parents or if it helps pay for adult leaders or whatever.


  1. Your church location (not mailing address) must be 7+ hours away (drive time) from Camp W.O.W.  (all close calls will be decided by us)
  2. Participants must be fully registered by April 1st, 2024 (the early bird deadline)
  3. If your numbers change (dropouts, etc.) the travel subsidy does not change with the new applicant.  It will simply be removed from your total.  (For example if you have 20 students register and one drops out the $50 from that person doesn’t move to another person on your team).

The first 100 applicants will receive the $50 subsidy,

so make sure your people register early!

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you!  Let’s make this summer unforgettable!

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