YouthCon Pre-Event Curriculum!

We want each youth ministry to get the most out of YouthCon so we created a “heart prep” curriculum to help your ministry prepare and debrief for YouthCon.  And of course, it’s completely customizable so you can use it however that works best for you and your ministry.  

YouthCon Heart Prep:

The YouthCon organizers are confident that everyone is going to have a blast at YouthCon! It’s going to be a fun, enjoyable experience. And, of course, God is going to be present with us as we meet in Glorieta. He wants to speak to us and give us good gifts!

We want to be able to receive those gifts!

One thing we can do for students on the front end is make sure they are focused and paying attention and aren’t clinging to other things that would prevent them from receiving those gifts. (Even if we know we have been forgiven for our sins, we need to have a clean heart before God as we come into His Presence there.)  Then on the back end have a chance to debrief and digest what each person experienced at YouthCon.

These three pre-sessions are designed to help the students (and leaders!) slow down and think; to be aware of themselves and God…to take an inventory of sorts.  And then we have one debrief session after YouthCon.

Help your students and leaders be prayerful about what God reveals in the weeks that lead up to YouthCon. The best thing you can do for your students to get the most out of YouthCon with this material is encourage them to participate in these lessons and be completely honest with themselves about “where they are” spiritually and what might be going on below the surface.

These lessons are completely customizable.  You can edit however you want based on your needs for your group.  Each lesson can stand alone each week, combine them for all one week, or anything in between.

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Pre-YouthCon2019 Heart Prep (PDF version)

Pre-YouthCon2019 Heart Prep (Word Doc)

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