Late Nite Options for ASCENT

ASCENT’s late nights will be sponsored by Fresno Pacific and Tabor College and each night we got something pretty amazing planned.  Each night we always end with something fun and surprising.  Feel free to check out all the options below:

Moonlight Madness | Wednesday, June 16 | 9:30pm

This will be one crazy night full outside on the field with field games, glow-in-the-dark activities, and a few more surprises.  (Feel free to come dressed in your best glow-in-the-dark outfit, if you got one)



Counselors Hunt! | Thursday, June 17 | 9:00pm

Kickin-it-old-school-middle-school-camp-style is the Counselors Hunt, with an ASCENT twist!  The leaders who go and hide around Glorieta.  Then each team of 2-3 will have to find them.  Once a leader is caught they will give up a glow-in-the-dark bracelet.  But watch out because we will have guards who will be running around chasing any unsuspecting students! The team member with the most points wins a gift card $25 gift card to Amazon!
50 points for each leader found | -10 points for being caught  

 Illusionist Zak Mirz | Friday, June 18 | 9:00pm

Zak Mirz has toured for nearly a decade entertaining audiences all over the world.  Zak’s latest projects include being a magic advisor for David Blaine’s latest special “The Magic Way”, an appearance on Travel Channel’s “Magic Caught on Camera” and creating a deck of cards that help raise awareness and money to end human trafficking.  Find more info. on


Talent Show| Saturday, June 19 | 7:30pm

We’ll be ending ASCENT with our annual tradition of a talent show.  Anyone can sign up (at ASCENT) to show off their skills of being funny, talented, or both.  This is a night of good awkward fun!  

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