ASCENT 2022 By The Numbers

ASCENT 2022 was our second annual national summer camp for high schoolers.  With 2021 being overshadowed somewhat by COVID restrictions this year was more in line with the original vision of ASCENT.  God blessed us with a great year and we are excited from all the stories we heard from people’s camp experiences.  Thank you to everyone who planned, prayed, sang, led, taught, helped, and served at ASCENT.

The Christian Leader (our denomination’s magainze) will be putting out an article all about ASCENT in the September issue but for now, we wanted to run down the numbers.

1,120 bottles of water were given out

251 students attended

180 bags of chips were given out as snacks

72 leaders survived with little to no sleep

26 program staff served

21 total churches attended

16 teams participated in Rally Games

11 separate interactive tracks were led

7 separate workshops were offered

5 organizations partnered with us

3 districts were represented

2 students accepted Jesus for the first time!

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