The Top 5 Reasons Why We Choose Camp Glorietta for YouthCon


(The Top 5 is our quick list of resources, recommendations, or reasons that we feel you should know).

Previous YouthCon’s were in an Urban setting, usually at a hotel or convention center.  After much prayer and discussion, the planning team decided to go in a different direction.  Here’s why…

ONE – A new vision was given to the planning to expand our scope of ministry.  One of the biggest goals was we wanted to be connected between every four-years-conventions.  So we started a Youth Worker Network, Project:Serve, and repurposed the National Youth Convention to YouthCon.

TWO – A camp setting provides natural connection opportunities over meals.  With an urban setting, everyone was on their own for meals and we saw that as a missed opportunity to foster relationships.  By going to Camp Glorietta all meals are provided which allows for new friendships to develop and it is actually cheaper to include meals in the cost!

THREE – Camp Glorietta has over 40+ fun activities already provided! The 3,500-bed campground is designed for high school students with things like multiple gaga pits, baseball fields, 3 different zip lines, glow in the dark dodgeball arena, mud pit, arrow tag, and more.  No need for a group to come early for a “fun day” because every day will be one at the camp!

FOUR – We wanted to bring the service project to our local communities back home.  One of the biggest reasons was the development of Project:Serve where students can sign up to receive funds and help to meet a need in their local communities.  The community serving day in the urban settings of the past has been a struggle to find quality projects for 1,000 people.  So we decided to put the funds and work to better use.

FIVE – The rising costs for urban locations.  Hotels/convention centers are increasing their prices without any increase of benefits.  Camp Glorietta is actually less expensive with way more benefits.


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