The Need

Our world needs to hear and see Jesus. Service gives us the opportunity to intentionally reflect the heart of God to those around us. Our churches need young men and women to respond to the call to serve their world around them. Our young people need to find that place where who they are connecting with what God is doing in the world.


The mission of Project: Serve is to encourage students to create local service project/campaigns that get students invested in their communities, churches, and cities.


Students: Create (a service project or campaign within your local church or community that is designed to meet a specific local, national, or global need)

Essentially, we want you to get your friends and leaders in your church together to find a serious need in your community or around the world that you guys care about. Then we want your group to creatively develop a plan/project to meet that need.

Apply (to the Project:Serve to be considered for funding and continued support.)

Once you have a solid plan we want to hear about it. Have a team leader submit an online application for the group's project. If accepted you will hear back from the Project:Serve lead team how much of a grant you will receive.

Launch (the project)

Once your project has been approved and you have received your Project:Serve grant money we want you to go for it. This is where you put your plan into action.

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