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Every month we will make available a free download from USMB Youth.  Some will be actual files and others will be linked for free stuff!  The goal is so you don’t have to spend extra time or resources finding things for youth ministry.  Feel free to contact if you have a resource you would like to share with USMB YOUTH at  


This video game took over in 2020 and I am sure your students have been playing it.  What if you had could have a version of this in real life?!  This free download is a complete game (minus a few supplies) where you can put on your own Among Us game in real life.  For middle or high school students.  This game is scalable which means you can have a group of 10 to 100.  (we personally played it with over 75 people with no issue).

If you don’t know the game Among Us, it is a classic version of a “whodonnuit” mystery with an outer space twist.  You are either a crew member trying to complete a task or an imposter trying to sabotage the crew and even eliminate them one by one.  To learn more about the game CLICK HERE.

What you get in this download:

  • 15 separate tasks and the ability to add more
  • Rules for the game
  • Supply list (for some tasks)
  • Imposter and crew members role cards
  • And more

All files are completely editable!

Rules and supply list (word doc)


Tasklist and signs (PowerPoint doc)

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