M.B. Youth Spirituality Documentary

FaithFront (USMB’s teenage leadership program) is creating a documentary on Mennonite Brethren Youth Spirituality. We have created a survey to help us in the research process of this project. We need your help to distribute this survey to students. Please forward the link below on to your students, we would appreciate it so much! Our goal is to reach 280 students by the end of 2019.  As a youth worker if you would like to receive the results please contact FaithFront.  A video documentary will also be filmed after the survey has been completed that will coordinate with the survey.

If 5 students from your youth group complete the survey, we’ll buy the pizza for your next party! Just send FaithFront the receipt and we’ll cover the cost!

What students will see:

Mennonite Brethren Youth Spirituality Survey
Our purpose is to better understand your attitudes and feelings about faith, life, and church. We also want to know more about where you are on your spiritual journey.

Our hope is that the results of this survey will help your church and youth group know you and serve you better.

Please answer as honestly as you can. Your answers will be completely anonymous. None of your responses will be attached to your name.

The survey should take between 20-30 minutes. There will be instructions for a thank you gift at the end of the survey.

Survey Link: 


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