Announcing the Theme for ASCENT 2024


Feel the beat, and find your rhythm at ASCENT! This year’s theme is “Rhythm,” and it’s all about navigating those moments when life feels off-beat, out of sync, and you’re caught in an unfamiliar tempo.  In a world that dances to an erratic rhythm, with no clear path to follow, it’s easy to lose your footing. We often find ourselves either restless or overwhelmed. We hustle and bustle, filling our calendars to the brim, yet still feeling a void within. We drown ourselves in distractions and noise, searching for a melody that resonates with us.  This summer, we invite you to break free from the world’s dissonant symphony and tune into a different rhythm—the Rhythm of the Lord. Join us as we explore the divine song that resonates with love, peace, and purpose. Let’s synchronize our lives to the steady beat of Jesus’ heart and harmonize with the soulful tune He has composed for each one of us. Let’s discover the joyous rhythm of faith, hope, and love.

Why ‘Rhythm’?

The rhythm is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. It’s found in the pulsating waves of the ocean, the steady ticking of a clock, the beating of our hearts, and, of course, in music that stirs our souls. This year, we want to delve deeper into this concept, to help our campers explore the rhythm in their own lives and in the world around them and discover the rhythm of the heartbeat of Jesus better.

What to Expect from ‘Rhythm’

The ‘Rhythm’ theme will resonate throughout our camp activities. Our campers will have the opportunity to participate in fun games, discussion groups, and workshops where they’ll learn how to get back in rhythm with God if we are out of sync or find balance in our lives so we can live for God better.  Our main speaker Justin McRoberts expertise in finding the balance between work and rest we will go on a journey from the false self to the true self, discovering that growing and maturity take root in the knowledge of their belovdeness in Christ.

The Learning Rhythm

At ASCENT, we believe in learning through fun and exploration. The ‘Rhythm’ theme will not just be an entertaining backdrop for our activities, but a tool for learning and personal growth. Campers will learn about collaboration and synchronization as they participate in group rhythm exercises we call Rally Games.

Get Ready for a Summer of Rhythm!

We’re incredibly excited about the ‘Rhythm’ theme and we believe it offers a wealth of opportunities for fun, learning, and growth. So get ready to find your beat, to express yourself through rhythm, and to connect with others in ways you’ve never imagined before.

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