Randy Friesen

For the past 25 years, Randy has been leading young adults and now intergenerational teams to engage in God’s mission to reach the nations. Since 2004, Randy has led MB Mission, and now Multiply, the global church planting agency of Mennonite Brethren churches with work in over 40 countries. Randy is passionate about seeing God transform individuals and communities, and calls the church to live on mission – local, national, global.

Randy and his wife Marjorie live in Abbotsford, BC with their two children Joshua and Olivia (both currently in university).  Among other hobbies, they enjoy riding a Harley, hiking in the mountains, and traveling to undiscovered beautiful places.

Bill Hogg

Dr. Bill Hogg’s passion is proclaiming the beauty, power, and truth of the good news of Jesus, and equipping others to share the gospel. Bill is a former radio host and has served as a pastor, professor, evangelist, and a movie extra! He was involved in pioneer evangelism in his native Scotland where he launched Youth for Christ. He is part of the Arrow Leadership Ministries faculty, offering congregational and Para-church leaders training in evangelism. His doctoral research focused on leadership approaches to the missional renewal of established congregations. Hogg is a published author who has written books on prayer and on youth culture and is currently writing an evangelism primer.

Bill is married to his sweetheart, Morag and has two amazing adult kids- Naomi and Peter. .

Demonstrating how ambidextrous he is, Bill enjoys both real football (“soccer” to North American Philistines) and NFL. He is a Man United and Seattle Seahawks fan. He concedes that both the Red Devils and Hawks need to experience revitalization. Bill and Morag have recently discovered the joy of snow shoe walking. Bill is a movie buff and admits to being a fan of Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares. He enjoys grocery shopping and browsing in bookstores while savoring gourmet coffee.  Find more information at billhogg.net.

Tam Hodge

Tam has found her purpose; Helping women break the chains of past regrets, hurts, shame, and fear so they too can experience freedom and life to its fullest! To date, Tam has written three books: And Now I Choose, Choosing To Change, and a children’s book, You Matter. Tam is married with two amazing kids and her trifecta of Heaven on Earth includes the beach, coffee, and Oreos. It’s just that simple.  Find more information at tamhodge.com

Kat Smith

Kat Smith is a speaker/actress from the performing group onetimeblind who loves Jesus, writing, and large cups of coffee. She tells stories with passion and soul-deep truth from daily life and Scripture. Kat makes her home in Metro Detroit, Michigan, with her husband Drew and son Asher, and hangs out with a great group of high school girls whom she frequently bribes with candy.

Ryan McCullough

Ryan McCullough is a speaker/actor/technical guru from the performing group onetimeblind who loves film and the art of storytelling. He draws truth from life and Scripture to give clarity and a deep sense of wellbeing to those around him. Ryan makes his home in Metro Detroit, Michigan, with his wife Laura, their four kids (Eden, Ethan, Elijah, and Evan), and his dog Sophie (yes, he looooooves her).

Special Guests


onetimeblind breathes creative excellence into the world of speaking. As a speaker alternative, they use skits and visual representations, music, stories, and personal testimony to lead a new wave of communication to the church body as a whole.

Building a solid reputation in ministry since 1994, onetimeblind has a love for art and a heart for speaking truth. They bring their lives to the stage, drawing from personal experience and Biblical study to plant seeds for growth and cultivate lives rooted in the reality of Jesus. Through thought-provoking insight, as well as a bit of humor, onetimeblind reveals the life-changing character of God. Their speaking methods spark discussion, create desire for growth, and move entire audiences in deeply personal ways.

Ryan and Laura McCullough and Drew and Kathlene Smith have a passion for the church as God intended it to be. Their voices and interaction combine to give “speaker” a whole new dimension. Their material gives meaning wherever they’re heard. And their love for God and the arts infuses the church with passion. 

four people. one truth. onetimeblind


Every part of the programming during YouthCon ‘19 is designed to help students and leaders experience our faith in Jesus at a deeper level by; connecting with and encountering God and connecting in meaningful ways with each other.

The invitation is for each person to take one step toward a deeper faith, from whatever place they started. General sessions will be engaging times of worship, teaching, learning and discovering. We have a fantastic line-up of speakers, including several from Multiply, our MB Missions organization. OneTimeBlind will provoke us to think through drama. Ryan and Bri Wallace will lead us in worship, and we will be hosted by SaraJo, Hallie and Scotty Palong with James and the YouthCon House Band. (Find more information about sessions, speakers, worship band, and special guests at: usmbyouth.com/youthcon.)

Students and leaders will have opportunities to dive deep into a wide variety of specific topics during LABS in an experiential, five-senses style of learning.

Recreation and play are important parts of any event like YouthCon; the Glorieta property offers dozens of options for exercise, fun, and adventure... probably more than you and your group can take in during these few days!