USMB Youth’s Resource Recommendations

These are USMB Youth’s recommended resources for all things youth.  Although we recommend these sites we do not fully endorse or even agree with everything on each site.  Please use your personal discretion in deciding what and how each resource is used.  If you have a website recommendation please contact at

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TOP TEN Youth Ministry Sites

This site has it all!  Made by youth workers for youth workers.  It has games, lessons, videos, everything and all reasonable price.  If you join their membership you get free stuff every month.

Another site that has it all.  Their game section has a ton of fun stuff you can use (see what we did there) and the best part is there is usually a video attached so you can see the game in action! You do have to register (for free) to see everything in the site.

A great site for free resources like games, music/video discussions, and articles about youth culture.  Their greatest feature is how easily all things are organized and completely free!

Tons of resources and curriculum for leadership development, student leadership, mission trips, and more.  There is a cost for most resources.

Just like the youth ministry site, but designed with parents in mind.  Perfect opportunity to open the window and learn about youth culture.

One of the pioneers of youth ministry and they are still putting on some great conferences.  If you are looking for a job this is the place we would start.

An established youth ministry site that has good supply of curriculum and even some free stuff.

This site has mini movies, worship tracks and other media aspects that seem to be lacking in other youth worker sites.

Another resource bank for youth workers, and their fundraising section is a unique resource.

No ads. Just downloads. A great, simple resource for games, sermons, and other ideas.

Looking for curriculum that challenges your students to go deeper and ALL FOR FREE, this is the site!

TOP TEN Youth Ministry Blogs

One of the best blog on youth ministry because of their resource video bank and podcast.

Based on Northpoint’s Orange curriculum this blog focuses on the importance of small groups.

One of the most recognizable names in youth ministry.  His blog is a really good for the marriage relationship of the youth worker.

Honest, practical, real-world help and manager of The Source For Youth Ministry website.  A great resource for pop culture and how it affects teenagers.

A training resource for the youth worker, small group leader, and all things youth.

If you want the weird, creative, aspect of youth ministry this is the blog/site for you!

This blog focuses on useful tools to youth workers and pastors.  And they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Full of statistics, helpful hints, and more from an established youth ministry organization from the academic side.

A great blog of all things youth ministry and understanding youth culture.  Plus great resources for parents.

A wide variety of topics, resources, and even video blogs are available.

A solid site of resources and they have some unique resources in their youth worker sections.

Extra Helpful Websites

Websites we have used but may not be ministry focused

A database of free images you can download without even singing up and you can use the pictures in your ministry.

Another great resource for free images, however there is a little more hoops to jump through to download the images.

Looking for a way to update your ministry’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page all at once?  Or even schedule upcoming posts in the future?  This is a great site to do just that.

A great site for hiring people to make video intros or logos for a very affordable price.  You will be working with the designers directly.

A collection of team builders for training opportunities.

Want to edit a picture but don’t want to buy the expensive software?  This free editing too is perfect for that!