YouthCon Yearbook Challenge

All during YouthCon we will have a grand photo and video scavenger hunt.  All you need a phone and Facebook or Instagram.  The first SIX people who complete the list below by Saturday at 11:00 p.m. wins a $25 gift card to Amazon.  This is open to students or adult leaders.

All you have to do is take a picture/video of each task (does not have to be in order) and post it to Facebook or Instagram using #MByouthcon.  Then when you have completed all 15 find Pastor Kyle Goings (Director of USMB Youth) from Wichita, KS.

  1. Selfie of you and one of your adult leaders posing in front the USMB Youth Booth
  2. Video of you and one of the Speakers performing a secret handshake
  3. Pic of something that inspires you and explain why in your post
  4. Video of someone falling down
  5. Pic/Vid of a stranger drawing a mustache on your face
  6. Pic of one of your roommates sleeping
  7. Selfie with everyone in one of your LABS
  8. Pic/Vid of action shot during a late night activity
  9. Pic of you with another youth group eating a meal together (whole table)
  10. Video selfie of you and your friends rocking out to worship in one of the sessions
  11. Pic of a human pyramid
  12. Pic of a YouthCon sticker on one of your personal items
  13. Pic of a Bible verse and explain why it impacts you
  14. Pic of you and a friend dressed as each other
  15. Video of you in a 10-second music video



Once done find Pastor Kyle Goings (from Wichita, KS) by 11:00pm on Saturday night to claim your prize (the first six with a completed list receives a $25 Amazing gift card).